Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping in Naperville

Tuck-pointing and Rebuilds

It is difficult to make enough emphasis on the importance of having your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year by a qualified sweep. Cleaning not only eliminates odors from inside your chimney, but it improves draft, which in turn, improves your fireplace efficiency and any appliances for your chimney services.

Cleaning also removes dangerous creosote deposits that can build up inside. These deposits can potentially ignite causing damage to your chimney and possibly even your home.

When you choose Maximum Chimney Services for your fireplace, you get the best in trained and certified technicians, a thorough and impeccably clean job, a state-of-the-art chimney inspection and complete step by step documentation of the process, before and after.

There are (3) things we look for in our quality inspection:

  • Integrity– we inspect your fireplace chimney system for mechanical soundness
  • Cleaning– we make sure that your fireplace chimney system is free from deposits
  • Obstruction Free Assurance– We clear any obstructions including small animal nesting/debris/feces, or a collapsed liners.

With Maximum Chimney Services in Napperville experienced team chimney cleaning service, you'll be taking a smart money-saving step to care for your home. Give us a call today and request an appointment for our service.

Maximum Chimney Services is the preferred company to come to for all your chimney needs.

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