Chimney & Fireplace Inspections in Naperville

Remembering about chimney and fireplace inspections can sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday living. The good thing is that all you need to do is make a call to get a qualified expert to come in inspect and sweep your chimney at least once a year, no matter how much your chimney has been used or what the weather conditions have been. You don't want to forget about your oil and gas furnace either! These appliances need annual maintenance just like your fireplaces and stoves to ensure the safety of your home.

While it would seen to make sense that if you have not used your fireplace much over the past year, you shouldn’t need an inspection, the reality is just the opposite. Birds and small animals are always looking for a safe place to nest or live that is dark and out of the way, and your chimney is just perfect for them! If they bring back sticks and brush, then they could be fueling your first chimney fire.

The weather is another subject we often get asked about, but again, just because it’s been warmer than usual does not mean your fireplace or chimney system cannot be compromised, and this is the real reason you need to get your system inspected every year. What chimney sweeps are certified to do is diagnose your chimney system for signs that let you know if there is a problem or not. If not, everything is fine and you’re on your way to some very enjoyable times around the fire. If there is a problem, the inspecting technician shows you the symptoms and give you some options for getting it back in good working order.

If your chimney does need cleaning, the pro’s at Maximum Chimney Services can take care of it with complete care and incomparable efficiency as part of the professional chimney services we provide.

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