Chimney Liners in Naperville

How Will a Liner Help My Chimney?

A Chimney fitted with a right sized lining is the best type of defense against future issues. This guarantees good write by stopping flue gas from growing and contaminating the air. The buoyant flue gases leave the fireplace faster and also have less time to leak right into a home or even condense in the chimney wall space. By effectively sizing insulation in the actual chimney, the amount of water vapor condensation can be decreased.

Keeping drinking water inside the boat inhibits additional damage to brickwork walls through freeze as well as thaw process and deterioration.

Maximum Chimney's stainless steel liners are specifically designed to solve problems that tend to occur in gas, oil or solid fuel chimneys.


  • To repair damage to the chimney liner that can be caused by a chimney fire, water damage, lightning strikes or home settling.
  • To upgrade older chimneys that were built without chimney liners. This is incredibly important for the safety and enjoyment of your system.
  • To replace worn, deteriorated liners that may allow smoke, creosote or condensation to seep through the chimney walls.
  • To properly convert the chimney for a new appliance (for example: converting from oil to gas heat).

Proper sizing–chimneys often need to be resized to perform at their best. If an over-sized fireplace flue is used to vent a wood stove, an excessive creosote and tar glaze may result. Additionally, the wood stove will not perform as well as it should if the flue is too big or too small.

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