Chimney and Masonry Repairs & Renovations in Naperville

Like any hard-working system, your chimney will eventually need some repairs. Whether it's made of masonry and/or metal, and its use, or lack of use, exposure to fire and the elements, etc. can cause some of its parts to fail. Since your chimney does such an important job for your home, you’ll most definitely want to take care of any repairs needed in a quick, efficient manner, and with the best in certified, licensed technicians. Maximum Chimney Services is the company to call, no matter what your chimney needs.

Common Chimney Repairs:

  • Tuck-pointing and Rebuilds: As a result of exposure to the weather, usage as well as the route of while, blocks and also mortar can show symptoms of wear at some point. Replacements or fixes are required depending on the grade and kinds of damage. Regular chimney maintenance will ensure many years of nonstop risk-free enjoyment that enhances the beauty and value of your home.

  • Spalling and Flaking Bricks: The bricks faces may shake or fall off. If perhaps left unmonitored, these blocks continue to decay and entire stones may gradually drop out of your chimney. Deteriorated brickwork weakens the chimney’s integrity and allows for cold drafts, water, and insects to invade your home.

  • Cracked or Damaged Crowns: Maximum Chimney Services can resurface your chimney crown with a fast setting elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane. Resurfacing the crown is specifically designed to repair and protect for the long term.

  • Masonry Waterproofing: The voilier begins to spall (faces on the bricks fall off) or mortar articulations will diminish. Moisture is most likely present in the bricks and/or concrete floor. Inferior sealers often form a water-resistant surface that often traps standard water vapors. All these trapped gases lead to eventual destruction. Maximum Masonry Services ensures complete water resistance that is completely vapor-permeable to reduce water compression.

  • Flashing Repair: Flashing is the strip of metal that joins the base of the chimney to the roof-line. Flashing prevents water from penetrating this joint and seeping into your house's structures. A flashing seal is needed when sections of the flashing are lifted.

If you suspect that you may have a problem with your chimney, don't wait to call for help. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for chimney evaluation and repair services.

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