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The exact Lock-Top Discouragement seals limited with a silicon rubber gasket. That’s perfect, our check; impediment seals by using a rubber gasket, not steel to material like your present-day damper. Your Lock-Top Check seals small, so without any air, thus no heat up or air con gets

displaced up your masonry. The Lock-Top also takes away downdrafts, addresses out bad weather which can worsen the inside from your chimney, together with prevents accessibility by pest infestations like squirrels, raccoons, as well as nesting avian species.
The Lock-Top mounts on the chimney Number one? Yes, which is perfect site to create a strong airtight closure. A connection drops all the way down your flue and entrave to a tackle which cements where you can accomplish it pertaining to convenient frequent lowering and raising.

The Lock-Top Damper is made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel, precision fitted with our special silicone rubber gasket.
Professionals stake their reputation on what they sell. Lock-Top Dampers are only sold through professionals because it takes a professional for proper sizing and installation. Say “yes” to savings. Have Maximum Chimney Dampers Service put the Lock-Top Damper to work for you. Save energy, stay warm, protect your chimney from moisture and your home from pests. These benefits will all be yours when you say ‘yes’ to Lock-Top.

consist of sparks. The main cause of harm to Waterproofing is actually rain as well as weather. Wild birds and creatures are interested in chimneys. Chimneys offer a fine, tall spot to live with safe protection. But animal as well as bird nests are highly burnable and if the critter can’t leave through the the top of chimney, the girl and the girl babies will attempt and get out of through the bottom part – directly into YOUR house! Chimney caps can also help solve certain chimney performance problems.

Ignite Arrestors and Performance Issues

A great chimney cover also includes the screen in order to control sets off. On turbulent days, masonry draft could be affected and when sparks leave the fireplace they can spark nearby trees and shrubs, leaves along with other flammables. In case your home is situated within a wooded area, any chimney limit with a ignite arrestor is actually strongly suggested.

Chimney Caps

The very best investment you may make to protect your own chimney is a great quality masonry cap. The chimney cover prevents access of rainfall and creatures and helps

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